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Optimizing Your Bedroom Lighting for a Perfect Sleep: 7 Ways to Follow

Optimizing your bedroom lighting is the first step you should take to get peaceful sleeping nights. In fact, your bedroom is the place where you come back after busy days to rest and relax. For this reason, it is vitally essential to take your bedroom lighting into consideration when designing your place.

To help you out, we have listed for you 7 ways to guide you when choosing your bedroom lighting. These are as follows:

1- Determine Your Bedroom Size Before Optimizing Your Bedroom Lighting

If you are doing Bedroom Renovation on a Budget, you need to start by identifying the size. When it comes to your bedroom, you need to determine the size of your bedroom before deciding on the lighting of your place. When you start taking the needed measurements, you have to closely examine the outlet locations and furniture placement. As a result, you will have a clear idea of how and where to include your lighting for perfect sleep.

2- Bedroom Height

To make a sound decision when it comes to optimizing your bedroom lighting, you should remember the height of your place. Usually, you will find that most bedrooms have lower ceilings. This indicates that you have to avoid those fixtures with longer bodies.

3- Consider Floor Lamps

You cannot fall asleep if you do not feel comfortable. To feel that way, you have to get the astonishing look that you want for your bedroom and make it warm and welcoming. The best way to do so is to add a statement floor lamp. This kind of lighting adds beauty and charm to your place which helps you get the most out of your sleep.

4- Think of Color Temperature to Optimize Your Bedroom Lighting

When trying to optimize your bedroom lighting, you have to think of every aspect as it may make a huge difference. In this sense, you have to consider your color temperature. While white light can make your space look bigger, it also increases alertness which may hamper your good night’s sleep. Bright light can confuse the brain resulting in sleepless nights. Therefore, it is much better to choose soft white or warm white light for your bedroom.

5- Get an Appropriate Fixture When Trying to Optimize Your Bedroom Lighting

The next step you have to consider when trying to have appropriate lighting to help you sleep is getting the right fixture. Indeed, this step will make a massive difference when it comes to having perfect sleep. You have to know that strong downlights are inappropriate in a bedroom as they are harsh. The great solution here is getting a pendant that offers soft lighting which helps you to sleep.

6- Vary Your Options

It is true that central lighting is essential, but it is not the only option that you have. For instance, you may want to add a directional light if you love to read books. Reading books is an activity that helps you relax, and thus easily fall asleep. However, remember not to install your lighting over your bed as it may bother you once you want to lie down.

7- Do Not Forget about Red Light

Why not have a red light? This kind of light is well-known for its ability to help you sleep. This is because it can produce what is called melatonin. The latter is a natural hormone that your brain releases when in darkness while it is less produced when you are exposed to light.

8- The Importance of Appropriate Lighting in Your Bedroom

As we have mentioned above, your bedroom is the place where to escape from the all hustle and bustle. You may use it to relax or even focus on your work. This is exactly why you need to carefully choose your lighting.

When you get the right lighting, you create for yourself a comfortable atmosphere where to unwind. Moreover, perfectly arranged lighting has the power to lift your spirit making you more relaxed and productive.

What is more, the right bedroom lighting will undoubtedly help you to get a good night’s sleep enabling you to be a more focused and fruitful person during the mornings. Therefore, you have to take some time before choosing your bedroom lighting.

9- Various Types of Lighting to Use in Your Bedroom:

There are various types of lighting that you can add to your bedroom. Some of them are the following:

– Task Lighting

The purpose of a bedroom is not only to sleep but also to concentrate and get a task done. Thus, you have to include a task light in your bedroom. This may take the form of a table lamp or a hanging lamp.

– Spotlight

It is advisable to include a spotlight in your place in case you want to illuminate a particular corner of your bedroom. This is extremely convenient and handy.

– Ambient Light

This specific type creates a wonderful ambiance in your room. It adds beauty to your place making it feel warm, comfortable and inviting. Please notice the role of ambient light is aesthetic, not functional. However, it will surely provide you with the look you are looking for.

– Accent Light

Similar to ambient light, accent light do an aesthetic job. If you have a given piece of painting or a picture you want to highlight, then accent light is what you need. You can also use it to create a focal point.

– Natural Light

No one can deny the importance of natural light. The latter has a number of benefits for our health. For example, it enables our bodies to produce vitamin D that we need for multiple reasons such as regulating our sleep patterns.

Last Words

Now after recognizing the essential role of your bedroom light and its relationship to good sleep, it is time to think of your lighting. Try to follow these 7 ways included here to be aware of what you need to go for and what you have to avoid.

All we have to say now is good luck with your process of optimizing your bedroom lighting!


10 Breathtaking DIY Ideas For Remodeling Your Bedroom

DIY Ideas for Remodeling Your bedroom is what you need. Your typical bedroom appearance can become monotonous. As a result, you may want to change things up and spice up your room. Change creates a new vibe. It is always a good idea to remodel your bedroom and get away from what you are used to.

So, where do you even begin? The following article discusses 10 remodeling DIY ideas to take your bedroom to the next level. But first, let us talk about why you should remodel your bedroom.

Why Is It Important to Remodel Your Bedroom?

When remodeling a home, most people focus on other areas such as the bathroom, living room, and kitchen while overlooking the bedrooms. The average adult spends roughly 30% of their lifetime in bed.

As a result, it is critical to ensure that your bedroom is comfortable. Every human being requires adequate sleep. It increases energy levels making you fit and energetic.

Sleep deprivation can contribute to physical illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also contribute to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, you should create an environment that encourages sleep.

What Are Some Advantages of Doing It Yourself?

Your bedroom is your personal space where you enjoy some peace of mind. You will feel extremely happy if you start your remodeling process by yourself. In addition, you will make your place unique and different.

When remodeling your bedroom, it is better to do it by yourself as you know what to include and exclude and how you want your room to look. Each one has their preferences. Try to express your own preferences and your personality by remodeling your bedroom.

Ten DIY Ideas for Remodeling Your Bedroom

1- Wallpaper One Wall

Wallpaper is the ultimate room transformant. It is less difficult to apply than painting and is the quickest way to add color, texture, pattern, and scale to your place.

It is also more durable than paint, with a typical lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Painting the walls every few years is necessary to keep them looking good. If you need a quick fix for a boring room, the wallpaper will add the drama and interest it requires to transform it from boring to beautiful.

2- DIY Ideas for Remodeling Your Bedroom: Paint the Other Walls

If you have been considering a new bedroom makeover, painting your bedroom a new color is one of the best DIY ideas for remodeling your place.

When a room has the right paint color on the walls, it instantly creates the right atmosphere for your bedroom, so start by imagining how you want your bedroom to feel. Is it peaceful and serene? Bright and cheerful? Beautiful and catchy? Sophisticated and tailored? An all-white bedroom is always a welcoming place to sleep, but do not be afraid to experiment with color, even if it is just as an accent wall. Dark colors make a bedroom feel cozy, neutral and muted colors make a space feel calm, and bright colors make you feel happy.

3- Add Curtains or Drapes

Window treatments are an excellent way to incorporate color, texture, pattern, and softness into your space. They come in a variety of styles, including shades, linen, shatters, and sheers.

Choose a soft sheer that filters light. You can pair them with opaque roller blinds to provide the privacy you require at night. Curtains, shades, and blinds can be quite expensive.

White panel curtains are inexpensive, simple, and versatile. Thick velvet or cotton curtains in warm colors will help you block the morning light while not appearing heavy.

As a result, before you choose an option, you must first determine which coverage you require. Choose colors that will stand out.

4- DIY Ideas for Remodeling Your Bedroom: Get Yourself a New Bed

Another DIY idea for remodeling your bedroom is getting yourself another bed. You can choose a new one to buy. Or you have the option to update the bed that you already have. Paint it to look fresh and here you are having the bed you are looking for.

5- Add Area Rugs

When remodeling your bedroom, you have several floor options to choose from. Floors must be warm, cozy, and secure. However, if you want to go all out, you can do so to make your bedroom look comfortable and stylish. Here are some flooring options for you to consider:

– Carpeting

Carpets are warm and comfortable underfoot. They are available in different colors, designs, and patterns.

Choose an eye-catching one that complements your decor. Carpets are classified into two types: loop pile and cut pile. These two categories are further subdivided. Texture and Saxony are cut pile carpet variations. The two most common types of loop pile carpets are level loop and Amazigh fall.

– Area Rugs

Because they come in an infinite number of sizes, colors, and materials, you can lay them over carpets. They provide warmth and comfort to soften hard floorings such as wood or laminate. Area rugs function as floor art. Quality area rugs have a long lifespan.

6- Paint or Wallpaper Your Dresser

Perhaps your dresser has seen better days, or perhaps you found the one you like but it is not the right color. A fresh coat of paint is another DIY idea for remodeling your bedroom. It can easily transform your piece of furniture.

7- DIY Ideas for Remodeling Your Bedroom: Add a Chandelier

After optimizing your bedroom lighting, chandeliers are not just for grand hallways and dining rooms; they can also be found in bedrooms.

– Size

The size of a chandelier is determined by the size of the bedroom and the height of the walls. Add the bedroom’s width and length together. Consider the result in inches rather than feet, and use this figure to determine the number of inches of diameter that is most appropriate for the chandelier. A chandelier’s height is calculated at two to three inches for every vertical foot of the wall. A 12-by-14-foot bedroom with 10-foot ceilings, for example, can accommodate a chandelier 26 inches in diameter and 20 to 30 inches in length. Consider that the lowest point on a 30-inch ceiling-mounted chandelier should be 7 ½ feet above the floor.

– Harmony and Mood

The style of the light fixtures is determined by the style of the bedroom. A modern bedroom suggests a sleek, metal design. A crystal bejeweled fixture is suggested for a traditional or antique-filled bedroom. A chandelier made of antlers or a wagon wheel could be used in a western-themed bedroom. Floral garlands, beads, or hanging tassels add whimsy and style to a chandelier. Paint a modern chandelier to make it more suitable for a contemporary or transitional bedroom. Use chandelier elements to complement the theme of the bedroom; for example, in a nautical-themed bedroom, try rope trim on the bulb shades.

8- Add Accent Furniture

Accent furniture in a room is a fun way to add pops of color and texture to your space. A neutral color palette is a popular choice for modern homes, and adding a few accent colors can help to liven up the space and add visual variety. Instead of creating a completely new design theme, use accent pieces sparingly and stick to your accent color choices to bring out the character of your existing furniture.

– Rugs for Accent

A patterned accent rug adds character to a bare living room or bedroom floor. Patterns give a static space a sense of movement and excitement, but they quickly become a subconscious distraction when you are trying to concentrate or relax. Rugs are excellent for introducing rich areas of bold patterns into your space without making it visually overwhelming. For the most engaging impact, choose a rug that contrasts with the color of the flooring and the style of the furniture.

– Accent Chairs

When accent furniture serves as a functional addition to your space, it is beneficial. Accent chairs should add splashes of color to the room to contrast with the dominant style and complement other accent pieces. Select accent chairs with bold, eye-catching profiles or patterns that contrast with the shape and fabric of your main sofa. Place pillows in the same accent colors as the sofa to help your chairs feel well-placed.

– Pillows for Accent

Accent pillows add color and texture to your bed, chairs, and sofas. Pillows are a good place to start for new decorators because they are inexpensive and easy to reupholster or remove as your style changes. When you are first starting, it is tempting but unwise to buy a variety of multicolored pillows. For the most cohesive design, choose your accent colors and stick to the palette. Play with texture rather than color for variety, and incorporate pillows in a variety of fabrics and shades of accent color.

– Tables with Accents

Accent tables should add interest to a room without dominating the rest of the decor. Consider the table’s size and function, as well as how it will fit in with your existing furniture. A tiny table that is purely decorative, as opposed to chairs and other functional items, is still a valuable addition to a small space. Choose an accent table based on how it contrasts with other pieces, such as sleek metallic components that contrast warm wood grain or minimal glass tabletops against intricately patterned sofas.

9- DIY Ideas for Remodeling Your Bedroom: Hang Artwork

Artwork is one of the bedroom decorating DIY ideas for changing the appearance of a room. Your bedroom is an excellent place to display the art that is most meaningful to you. It makes no difference whether they are silk rugs, children’s drawings, sculptures, or paintings. What matters is the amount of space you have and the arrangement you prefer.

Many inexpensive DIY options will completely transform your room. If you already have art on your wall, rearrange it. Alternatively, get rid of them all and replace them.

To make it look like an actual gallery, place all random art in one of the frames. Add botanical elements, such as a few succulents, to your bedside or side table.

10- Add Window Cover

Who does not want to unwind in a calm, happy, and relaxed environment after a long day? We all need a comfortable place to sleep, whether it is the master bedroom, a guest room, or even a nursery.

Last Words

There are countless DIY styling and decorating ideas available. Chic, timeless, evolving, or relaxed are some examples. Make minor changes here and there to ensure the remodeling fits your style. You do not need much cash to do so. Just follow the creative DIY ideas for remodeling your master bedroom, and you will get the outcomes you want.

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Decorating Your First Apartment: Ten Ideas to Get a Unique Urban Style?

Decorating your first apartment is the reason behind reading our article. Well, congrats you finally have the apartment you were looking for. Now is the time to start your decoration process. This can be stressful and overwhelming. For this reason, we have decided to write this article and guide you along the way.

While there are a number of styles, you have to try out the urban style. Below you will find some ideas that will help you greatly.

1- Keep it Soft & Warm When Decorating Your First Apartment

It is true that urban interior design is industrial at its core, but it does not mean that it has to be entirely industrial. To get an outstanding urban style, you have to add a softer as well as a warmer touch to help you relax. Remember to make your place comfortable, inviting, and welcoming.

2- Choose the Right Color Palette

Your color palette is vitally essential as it changes the entire look of your space. You may feel confused because of the various colors that you have to choose from. To help you out, we advise you to get that black-on-white touch that makes your house look chick and urban. You are free to choose whether to have a black floor and white walls or vice versa. Additionally, you can use this combination with your furniture and décor. Moreover, beige, orange, and brown can perfectly fit in this design.

3- Contrasting Your Materials

While it is a good idea to choose soft furniture, making every single thing soft may not give you the urban look you are looking for. Here comes the role of contrasting materials. The latter, if added as needed, will bring the urban décor and a nice touch to your place. For instance, you can add some mirrors and some photos painted with gold and bronze frames.

4- Do Not Forget the Statement Pieces

The urban interior design style is all about statement pieces that take your home to the next level. Choose your statement piece and makes it the focal point of your room. This can be a bold piece of art, a rug, or furniture. Afterward, you can design around the statement piece you chose. This will make your place look unique and outstanding.

5- Keep the Accessories to the Minimum

The urban style is, of course, different from the minimalist design. However, you have to keep your accessories to a minimum in order not to make your room highly crowded. The main urban accessory that you need to own is a plant. You have to add plants to your house as they complete the urban style.

6- Select Suitable Furniture to Decorate Your First Apartment

When decorating your new apartment in an urban style, you have to choose furniture that is comfortable, functional, and simple. All the pieces that you include in your place should have a given purpose otherwise you will create more clutter in your house.

For your urban style living room or bedroom, it is advisable to go for furniture that is made of natural materials such as leather and their tones should be calm. Moving further, if you have a small living room, try to follow an L-structure, add a table, and some comfortable chairs, armchairs, and ottomans, and do not forget to incorporate a given rug.

Try to add glass and aluminum as much as possible. For instance, you may want to include a glass tabletop and other aluminum accessories.

7- Lighting Is Essential While Decorating Your First Apartment

In the process of decorating your first apartment, you need to remember that natural lighting is extremely important in urban style. Therefore, having some large windows is a privilege.  Do not forget to decorate your windows with some curtains to add an impression of cleanliness. Additionally, you can imitate industrial light by utilizing some hidden lighting. Lamps imitating city lights are also appropriate.

8- Create a Flow between Your Rooms When Decorating Your First Apartment

The secret behind having an ultimate urban apartment is to create a sense of connection and cohesion among all of your rooms. While decorating your new apartment, you will, of course, not want your rooms to look the same. However, consistency is highly crucial to bring your rooms together.

There are a number of ways that you can follow to create this connection. Some of these are applying the same flooring to the whole house, keeping a common wall color, and using similar metals from various rooms.

9- Add Your Personal Touch

Decorating your new apartment can never be completed if you do not add your personal touch. Urban interior design is about creativity. So, be creative and express yourself. You may want to add a Moroccan rug you fell in love with or that Turkish ottoman you saw the last time you visited Turkey. Whatever item you badly want to add to your own space, do it. You just need to ensure that they complete the urban style you are looking for.

10- Mix the New with the Traditional

Urban interior design is about blending the new and the traditional, the vintage and the modern elements. When decorating your new apartment, make sure to bridge the two together to create a fantastic urban style.

Last Words

Decorating your new apartment may not be easy for you, but if you learn how to do so, you can get the look you want. Urban style has gained much popularity thanks to its beauty and functionality. If you choose this style for your place, you have to learn everything about urban style to make the process easy to tackle.

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